what is fitness ?

Fitness exercises, which enable the use of almost all of the body muscles, strengthen the bone and muscular system when performed regularly. Fitness workouts resulting from the combination of cardio and weight exercises help the body burn extra calories and accelerate the weight loss process by increasing the basal metabolic rate. Pilates and yoga practices added to fitness programs help the back and abdominal muscles to be stronger and help solve problems such as posture disorders. Regulation of blood pressure is provided with cardio exercises; the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases is reduced. Fitness exercises that regulate breathing allow the lungs to work at full capacity. During the exercise, toxins and excess water are removed from the body through sweating. The work of the muscles increases the secretion of seratonin, also known as the hormone of happiness. Fitness exercises that support a more positive and joyous look at life also support the increase of mental abilities. It helps to regulate sleep times and improve sleep quality. Excess weight in the body is thrown and the body begins to take shape. This increases the self-esteem of the person and enables him to be more successful in human relations.

The benefits of doing fitness

As with all other training programs, fitness training should be determined individually. A fitness program can be prepared by a qualified physiotherapist or sports trainer. Fitness workouts can be done with the tools as well as only body weight without using any tools. It is a component of cardio training programs such as swimming, running, walking, rowing, and muscle-tightening exercise programs such as weight lifting, pilates, and yoga to increase endurance and fitness. Cardio exercises that regulate blood circulation allow the body to spend more calories and aim to get rid of excess weight by accelerating fat burning. Weight training, on the other hand, is responsible for the development of muscles, enabling regional muscle groups to work. Weight exercises with the help of weights or specially designed tools aim to shape the case. While fitness is important in fitness, it is important to gain volume in bodybuilding. In weight training for fitness, the muscles are given flexibility and the body fats are targeted to make the body look more fit. Fitness weight training, which usually includes regional movements, has an accelerating effect on fat burning.